Thursday, January 8, 2009

Norm Schultz update

Many area boaters and Cleveland Boat Show attendees fondly remember Norm Schultz, fomerly of Mentor.
Norm and his wife, Kay, retired several months ago to live the good life of salt-water fishing around Florida's Tampa Bay.
Up until then Norm was the head of the Lake erie Marine Trades Association which produced the Cleveland Indoor Boat Show as well as the Cedar Point On-water Boat Show.
Norm also was a long time member of the Lake County yacht club scene, a smiling sort of guy who was always saying "hello" to his fellow boaters.
Norm says he's working on improving his grooper fishing skills and has been ripping the kingfish. He also wants to do better with redfish and snook.
The thing is, you can still keep tabs on Norm as he remains bound to the recreational boating industry.
Norm runs an industry-related blog that is full of good information.
The blog can be accessed at //


  1. Thanks for keeping up on my improving fishing skills (which still need a lot more improving!) And, now that I'm concentrating on salt water angling it's a whole new learning experience. But, more important, Congratulations on joining the world of blogging. I've been reading your award-winning columns for many years (heck, I even had hair when I started) and now we can get more of your ideas, observations and stories via this blog. Keep up the great work, Jeff.

  2. Even after leaving Cleveland some 26 years ago, I remember Norm fondly. I worked with him when I was the outdoor writer for the now long shuttered Cleveland Press and found him to be honest and helpful. I wish him well.