Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday's mixed outdoors notes

It was a busy weekend. Which was all good and fine by me.

First up was a Saturday visit to a gun show at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea.

It was crowded with a lot of buyers. Make that panic buyers.

I've been searching for a particular semi-automatic handgun that I can use for home protection and also for concealed carry if I choose since I have the required permit.

The thing is, this .380-caliber model has been sold out virtually everywhere, including at the gun show where I've seen this particular item before.

And you couldn't find a box of .380-caliber ammo either. Not at the gun show and not at Gander Mountain's store in Mentor.

Gun show shoppers were carrying out fist fulls and bag fulls of ammo.

This panic buying needs to end. It's limiting supplies of both firearms as well as ammunition along with driving up the prices.

It's all totally unnecessary, too. Support Second Amendment Rights institutions but please refrain from panic buying. It doesn't do any gun owner any good.

After the gun show visit my wife and I traveled the few miles to Cleveland's I-X Center for the annual Cleveland Sports Show.

Yes, this show has shrunk and, yes, it will never be like it was at Cleveland's Convention Center.

But I liked the new layout and I thought Stage Two with its log cabin backdrop and its seating arrangement were nice touches and a worthy improvement over last year's show.

However, the word circulating at the show was that next year's production will be reduced to three days; down from the present five days.

That change didn't sit well with a few exhibitors who each said a three-day show wouldn't be worth the expense and bother of setting up.

I hope this doesn't spell the end of the Cleveland Sports Show.

On a different subject, congratulate Bruce Dickerson, owner of Grand River Tackle in Fairport Harbor.

Bruce got married for the second time a week or so ago. This, to a Canadian gal. He deserves our congratulations.

However, Bruce also said he's watching the on-going economic times and might have to close his popular establishment if business doesn't pick up.

That would be a real shame as Grand River Tackle has long been an area fishing go-to place for advice, tackle and just plain good 'ol fishing talk.

Here's wishing Bruce well in his new marriage and keeping his store open.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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