Monday, May 11, 2009

Clock is ticking away (and turkeys are winning)

Only one (or two, at best) outings remain for me to bag a wild turkey this season.

Today saw me in a new patch of woods that appeared promising. A gobbler sounded close to the position where the owl hotter was activated. And every time the mouth call or push-pin call was used the gobbler responded.

Problem was so did a frightfully large number of hens; maybe four of 'em.

To make a long story very short, the gobbler had four hens with him and which did their best to keep the old boy in tow. It's tough to almost impossible to draw a gobbler away from such attractions of the heart.

And when I broke out of the woods and gain a footing in the old soybean field there were two of the hens in the far corner, feeding. Rotten birds that they are.

I am going to put in the long hours Tuesday, first sitting in the woods and then sheltered in a tent-like camo blind that I've set up in another soybean field. The landowner has said a flock of turkeys have been using the field on a regular basis, coming within feet of the blind.

Unfortunately the turkeys aren't keeping regular hours. They might be there in the morning one day and not until mid-afternoon the next.

After a trio of all-morning sits I still have not lured in a turkey to the blind but you gotta' be an optimist in order to hunt turkeys.

The thing is, the season ends one way or the other on Sunday and I'm committed to attend a conference starting Friday so I have only a dwindling amount of opportunities left.

That, plus I lost virtually the first two weeks to poor weather and family obligations.

But I'll keep my hopes elevated without also running their rpms too high. Maybe Tuesday will prove more successful. Or maybe not, but I won't know unless I try.

I guess I can catch up on my sleep at the conference and its not-always exciting seminars.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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