Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's outdoors notes (on time, too)

The switch is on from fishing for Lake Erie yellow perch to Lake Erie walleye.

But the seasonal exchange did not come before the Wildwood Marina at Cleveland Lakefront State Park held its 8th Annual "Battle of Lake Erie" perch tournament, June 13 and 14.

Winners, in order, for the adult division were: Bill Franke with five perch measuring 1,659 millimeters ($600), Barry Butera with five perch measuring 1,645 millimeters ($240), Larrt Winton with five perch measuring 1,625 millimeters ($120), Largest perch - Chris Trolli at 357 millimeters ($50 Wildwood Marina gift certificate).

The youth division's winner, in order, were: Carissa Carmichael with three perch measuring 903 millimeters ($42 and fishing tackle), Hunter Just with three perch measuring 900 millimeters ($30 and fishing tackle), Sean Chojnowski with three perch measuring 871 millimeters ($24 and fishing tackle), Largest perch - Carissa Carmichael at 320 millimeters ($25 Wildwood Marina gift certificate.

Budgetary cuts are all ready being felt within the Ohio Division of Wildlife and which impact sportsmen. This, in spite of the fact the economically independent agency has the financial resources to weather the current fiscal storm.

But politicians (foolishly) believe the Wildlife Division must also feel the same fiscal pain as its General Fund-dependent siblings. Thus, programs and opportunities for anglers and hunters will be cut.

Announced is that the public access to the fishing is being shortened at the agency's Lake La Su An Wildlife Area in Williams County. It is said this area has the best bluegill/sunfish angling in the Midwest. So much so that angling here is restricted to a reservation system.

Gone are fishing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And hours will be shortened in October as well.

For further information or to make reservations, call 419-636-6189.

The Ashtabula Chamber Foundation and the Ashtabula City Port Authority are co-sponsoring a Wine & walleye Festival on August 22 and 23. It will include a walleye fishing contest in which the largest walleye caught by an amateur will be $2,000 and the $1,000 for the largest walleye taken by a professional angler.

Ashtabula also will conduct a full-fledge festival that will include music and other entertainment at the city's Walnut Beach park area.

For details, visit or call 440-998-6998.

What tree is that? Is the title of a booklet produced by the National Arbor Day Foundation with the stated goal of making it easily for the layman to properly identify a tree species found in the eastern United States.

It has a go-to format that is suppose to make it easy to follow a series of steps that lead the reader to the proper tree. I found that was not the case and was frustrated by the book's go-to premise. I believed the instructions were more a maze than a help.

It would have been far, far better had the booklet also contain a complete go-to example that would assist one in figuring out how to use the document's instructions.

Still, the illustrations and short narratives for each tree species can aid in proper tree identification. Just scrap the confusing go-to instructions.

The 71-page pocket-size booklet costs $5 and can be ordered through the Foundation's web site at

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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