Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are they serious (Strange deer "call," fishing rod finish

We've got deer grunt calls that imitate a buck's breeding call. And we've got doe deer bleat calls and fawn distress calls. We also have real and manufactured deer antlers that mimic the sound of two bucks scraping their "horns" (antlers) together in a dueling match that brings in the big, bad boys.

But I never would have imagined that a nationally known game call maker would come up with a "call" that replicates the sound of a deer munching on acorns. But that is exactly what Hunter's Specialties has done.

It's called the "Kruncher" and is intended - says the press release - to simulates "the sound of deer feeding on acorns. This natural sound relaxes deer in the immediate vicinity of your stand. It can also call in other deer that think there is food available."

Now Hunter's Specialties is a great game call maker and I own several of its fine products. However, something inside me says this $10 product is quickly going to find its way unto the outdoor store's bargain table.

Then again, someone who buys this call can say they've always wanted to sound like a nut.

And now on the fishing front. USA Custom Rods of Houston, Texas has teamed up with Mossy Oak to produce high-end fishing rods in (I'm trying not to laugh here) Mossy Oak Break-up, Pink Break-up, and Mossy Oak Duck Blind finishes.

The rods will retail for about $140 each and will be offered in even fly fishing models.

I know the fishing tackle and hunting industries are hurting like every other business but it seems like gimmicks are not the answer. Then again, maybe I'm wrong and the acorn "call" and camo-pattern fishing rods really are functional and good-looking tools. It wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about a product.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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