Monday, November 16, 2009

Punderson trout stocking (The more the marrier)

Punderson Lake is going to provide even greater trout fishing opportunities Nov. 24.

Instead of releasing 500 excess breeder golden strain and regular strain rainbow trout into the 100-acre natural lake, the Ohio Division of Wildlife will instead stock 675 of the no-longer-needed breeder trout.

These fish will average 16 to 24 inches each and weigh between two and 10 pounds.

But that's not all, says Phil Hillman, the fisheries management supervisor for the agency's Northeast Ohio office in Akron.

Nope. Rather, the Wildlife Division also will stock another 1,000 rainbows at the same time. These catchable trout will average between 9 and 12 inches each.

Both stockings will occur around noon and definitely at the campground area. This is because of the poor water quality at the boat launch/marina area.

The breeder stocking fisheries has proven increasingly popular and the addition of the catchables likely will only intensify interest in this put-and-take fisheries that will last through the winter ice-fishing season.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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