Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weather takes bite out of hunt (Oh, and Al Lindner, too)

With today's really crummy cold, windy, snowy weather the end to this year's waterfowl hunting season is almost assured.

Wednesday I managed to take both Berry and Jenny Lynn - my two Labrador retrievers - out for a goose hunt on a small lake I have access to.

I had to turn around and face away from the lake, the wind coming so strong with large droplets of rain that pelted me. The dogs weren't happy, either, and 12-year-old Jenny Lynn frequently came into the blind to get out of the nasty brew.

We didn't see a single goose and heard only one bird way off in the distance.

With well below freezing temperatures expected for the next several days I suspect the pond's waters will freeze solid and put an end to the goose season even though it just started up again Monday.

I might be able to do some land hunting, largely pass shooting for geese but I dunno'. It's pretty iffy and up in the air right now.

I did seed my deer stand/ground blind area today with 100 pounds of shelled corn and a half-peck of apples. What was placed there two days ago was gone and I suspect the deer will be looking for food during this cold snap.

Oh, well, I do have the up-coming ice-fishing season to look forward to.

On another note, famed fishing brothers Al and Ron Lindner are celebrating their 40th year on television as fishing show hosts.

It all started in 1970, three years after Al had returned from Viet Nam. They began with sponsors Rapala, MinnKota, Lund and Mercury - all of whom continue their relationship with the Lindners.

Creators of the In-Fisherman TV show and magazine, the brothers have branched out in other directions but still maintain their main goal of in-depth fishing education. The Lindner's latest remaking of themselves can be seen starting at 10 a.m., Jan. 2 on the Vs cable network.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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