Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arkansas man pays the price for falsifying residency

Charles E. Gerhardt, 60, of Arkansas paid a steep price for falsely swearing his state of residency in order to obtain Wyoming hard-to-get resident deer and elk licenses.

For his indiscretion, Gerhardt was ordered by the court not only to fork over $18,000 but also lost his hunting privileges for 10 years.

Since May 2005, Gerhardt had applied for 62 Wyoming resident hunting and fishing licenses, being issued 47 such documents.

Gerhardt even used various addresses and improper telephone numbers to obtain a post office box, a Wyoming driver's license and Park County, Wyoming voter registration.

And an investigation based on information obtained from Arkansas revealed that in March 2004, Gerhardt had obtained an Arkansas lifetime hunting license while in possession of a valid Kansas driver's license.

Because of Gerhardt's guilt he will not be able to buy hunting licenses in 34 states, including Ohio as well as Wyoming and Kansas.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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