Saturday, September 11, 2010

Local six-gunner rustles up Old West-style shooting competition

Willowick's Ron Paul Duning drew his Colt peacemaker over the Labor Day weekend and sent his competition packing out of town.

Duning participated in the annual Northcoast National Gunslingers Championship, held Sept. 4 and 5 at the U.S. Marine Corps League's Gunny's Hall in Mentor.

There, Duning claimed first place in the Shooter's Choice Open - Men's Division. He also captured first place in the Fastest Guns on Earth-Traditional Style in 0.245 seconds as well as that category's Open Style in 0.262 seconds.

Duning likewise took second place in the contest's Overall National Northcoast Top Gun.

Other winners included Donna Lochner and Howard Shingler who each captured their respective men's and women's divisions in the Fireball Phil Classic-Traditional Style.

Donna Lochner was the first place winner as well in the women's division of the Shooters Choice Open along with the same title for the Fastest Guns on Earth with a time of 0.308.

The winners of the Gunny's Hall Open were Ron Zimmerman and Melinda Shingler in their respective gender divisions.

In the contest's Unlimited Style the winners were Howard Shingler with a time of 0.251 seconds and Donna Lechner with a time of 0.257 seconds.

Meanwhile, Howard Shingler and Melinda Shingler each captured first place in their respective divisions in the Worldwide Double Gun competition.

Melinda Shingler was not done, either. She also was victorious in the Showdown 1X Elimination-Top Elimination.

The Overall National Northcoast Top Guns were Ron Zimmerman and Donna Lachner. Second place were Dunning and Melinda Shingler while in third place were Terry Cambell and Maren Roberts.

For more information about fast-draw competition, contact Duning at

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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