Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hartsgrove BP to host test of state's new deer check-in system

Northeast Ohio deer hunters can become human guinea pigs in a test of the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s impending new hunting/fishing license-issuing and game check system.

Beginning Monday at select sites the Wildlife Division will seek out successful deer hunters. These sportsmen then will be asked if they would volunteer to participate in a trial run of the new $16 million Wild Ohio Customer Relationship Management System check-in process.

Monday is the start of Ohio’s seven-day firearms deer-hunting season.

In all, 17 sites around the state will host the test of the new Internet/telephone-only product. Among them is the BP station/food mart located on Hartsgrove Square in Ashtabula County.

Here, Wildlife Division officials will post themselves, soliciting volunteers and helping those who say “yes” to engage the system, says Mike Tonkovich, the Wildlife Division’s deer management administrator.

As for how much time it will take to fulfill the check-in process that will combine the “old system” and the “new system,” Tonkovich says the entire process will require about 10 minutes of a hunter’s time.

A series of nine questions will be asked along with the conducting of other details. All of will aid the Wildlife Division in ferreting out the new system’s bugs, said Tonkovich.

“The idea is to identify problems with the system and then make adjustments accordingly,” Tonkovich said.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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