Friday, January 14, 2011

Life just got harder for area gun cranks

Life is getting more complicated for the area's sportsmen, particularly its shooters and hunters.

At conclusion of the statewide seven-day firearms deer-hunting season on Dec. 5, the former Marathon fuel dealership on Rt. 306 in Kirtland switched to become a Speedway dealership. That change of command also included the end to the station's role as one of the state's few 24/7 deer check-in stations.

And after today the Dunham's Discount Sports store in Willoughby will cease to exist. While never offering a giantic selection of fishing and hunting related items, the store did frequently beat the prices of just about every other area outdoors-minded outlet. This means the selection for hunters, anglers and shooters will narrow only further.

That situation is likewise true for those people looking to have their firearms serviced by a competent gunsmith. Like the matter at Dunham's, today marks the end of the direct gunsmithing service provided at Gander Mountain's Mentor store.

While the super-giant outdoors outfitter has broaden its approach to include Internet and catalog sales, it is shrinking its direct relationship with customers looking to have their handguns, shotguns, rifles and muzzle-loaders serviced, cleaned, blued or whatever.

Instead, Gander Mountain says it will still operate gunsmithing services, but only via a regional process with the headquarters being in Twinsburg.

The soon-to-be-former Gander Mountain gunsmight Ron Paul Duning - however - is expected to soon plant his independent flag off Lost Nation Road in north Willoughby. Details will come once plans are finalized.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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  1. Gander Mountain has proven time and again, it is not firearms friendly. Why they are in business is difficult to understand.

    While the law requires a three (3) day wait period on a "delay" of resolution of an NICS check, Gander Mountain chooses to up the wait time to eight (8) days. Why?

    Their in-stock supply of ammunition and handgun accessories is weak. They claim manufacturer delays, but other area shops don't seem to experience the problems Gander Mountain does.

    While the folks I've dealt with at Gander Mountain are friendly, corporate is not. I would suggest visiting, B&T, Atwell's, Great Lakes, or Sherwin's for local firearms supplys.

    Good luck to Ron Paul, he'll do well, I'm sure.