Thursday, April 28, 2011

Confusing license-game check system

I wanted to test the new computer-based license issuing/game check system that the Ohio Division repeatedly has trumpeted as the way of the future.

A recent press release didn't help any. If anything, it made it more confusing.While the agency said that if a successful turkey hunter, for example, used a computer to record the information a printer is needed to eventually cough up a printed version of the permanent "tag."

However, no where does this release note that such a document is required either by visiting a license-issuing agent nor if a telephone is used.

Much more confusing is the "Managing Your Account" reference. Here, a person is allowed to view such things as licenses bought, game recorded, any hunting/fishing drawing lotteries enteerd and won.

It asks for either one's Customer I.D. number or else the last four digits of one's Social Security number as well as last name. All fine so far.

But in every case a person must also supply his or her birthday. Not pointed out, though, is HOW that information is to be relayed. is it - as in my case - 2-18-1950; 02-18-1950; 02/18/1950; or something else.

The instructions are silent. That means a person has to call the Wildlife Division anyway to find out. Already cued in is a staff member says to also use a "0" for month and date is 9 or less.

It would be nice if the instructions included that information ahead of time so that a person can better access and respond to the Wildlife Division's requirements.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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