Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Portman backs restraints on any U.N. anti-gun treaty

Ohio's junior senator Rob Portman is making good on his pre-election promise to back Second Amendment rights.

Republican Portman has joined with a cadre of other Republican senators in stating that a still-in-progress United Nations' proposal to regulate the trade in small-arms first must protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

So far, these elected officials say, what has come out of the United Nations is largely lip service toward protecting the rights of citizens to own and use firearms for a wide range of activities, including shooting, hunting and personal protection.

The letter that Portman and the others sign deal in point-by-point discussion regarding the merits of the U.N.'s body or work, noting a treaty won't pass Senate muster unless it clearly spells and protects the Constitution's guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms.

With a similar letter sent to the Obama Administration by various members of the Senate's Democratic Party membership and the total number of upper chamber representatives expressing concern over U.N. activity reaches 58.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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