Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brown County Prosecutor Takes Issue With ODNR Accusations

Brown County Prosecutor Jessica A. Little bristles at accusations that her office has a “vendetta” against former state wildlife officer Allan Wright or even the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Her reaction follows an October 28 Natural Resources Department Hearing Officer’s Report regarding Wright, who was fired by the agency for alleged departmental rule violations.

In that report the hearing officer - ODNR Human Capital Management Senior Analyst Renee Norris - wrote: “... This became an issue because of ODNR’s history with Brown County. Brown County is displeased that they were unsuccessful in bringing charges against ODNR employees for a previous issue involving a wildlife officer. Therefore they want to find fault with ODNR when possible. Management in turn is fearful of Brown County and wants to protect themselves from appearing to have done something wrong...”

“I don’t appreciate that we’re being accused of a ‘witch hunt’ against Allan Wright,” Little said today; Wednesday. “There’s no animosity toward the department.”

Little said also that Wright is not even a subject of any work being conducted by her office.

In fact, says Little, the special prosecutor that Little named in 2010 is no longer investigating Wright.

“We’re finished with Allan Wright,” Little said. “So there is no need to do anything (more) in Brown County."

That is because Wright has been charged in federal court for alleged violations of U.S. fish and game laws.

As for the case against five current or retired Ohio Division of Wildlife officials, that matter is still before Ohio’s 12th District Court of Appeals. That case has ties to the Wright issue but does not include Wright himself.

Little said also that should she win in the appellate court that the matter against the current and retired Wildlife Division officials would move back to Brown County.

If she is rebuffed by the 12th Court of Appeals than Brown County will evaluate taking the next step.

“It all likelihood this (case) will be appealed to the state supreme court,” Little said.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn
Twitter: @Fieldkorn


  1. Get it right Frishcorn, the report says the union is the one making the statement this was a Brown County vendetta, not ODNR. This is Wright making excuses.

  2. Unbelievable that Little can state that "Brown County does not have a witch hunt going on in the ODNR". What else could it be...ridiculous is what it is!!!! Almost two years in court over 100 dollars? Would love to know the total dollar amount that Brown county has spent on this case thus far....tens of thousands I'm sure. Sure hope folks in Brown county are aware of the RECKLESS use of funds by their current prosecutor!! WOW

  3. At least spell my name correctly, Anonymous.

  4. I guess you can't please everyone.

    If the Prosecutor doesn't file charges, she gets grief about the good ole boy system, and that public officials are above the law. If she does file charges, then she gets grief about going to court over $100.

    And in all those arguments, everyone loses sight of the fact that WLO Wright broke the rules and regulations that he was committed to enforcing upon the public. Had WLO Wright not done so, then none of the following would have occurred. Perhaps the blame for everthing that has happened should be placed on him?