Friday, March 16, 2012

Concealed Carry law revisions to be sought

State Representative Terry Johnson is expected to soon introduce legislation that is intended to address several issues involving Ohio’s current concealed carry laws, says the National Rifle Association.

The NRA says that Johnson’s legislative efforts will focus on four areas. These matters include:

1) Establishing an automatic reciprocity between Ohio and other states that have automatic reciprocity for their concealed handgun licenses.  Currently, the Attorney General must enter into a written agreement with another state to establish reciprocity. This bill would still allow for written agreements between the states if the other state does not have automatic reciprocity. However, it would eliminate the requirement for a written agreement if reciprocity can occur automatically by operation of law.

2) Eliminate the renewed competency certification requirement for concealed carry license holders. Currently, after the first renewal of a person’s concealed handgun license, the individual must submit proof of renewed competency to show that he or she is “range competent” for all subsequent renewals. This bill would make it so that a licensed permit holder can simply show his’ or her’s existing or expiring license or the person’s original competency certificate as proof that the individual has had the necessary training for all renewals.

3) Changing the definition of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Currently, a firearm is considered loaded if a loaded magazine is present in the vehicle, even if the magazine is not inserted into the firearm. This legal feature would change the definition so that the magazine must be inserted into the firearm before it is considered loaded.

4) Defining “Concealed Handgun License” in one section of the Ohio Revised Code and clarifies that the definition applies to all references to a concealed handgun license in the revised code. This will simplify the code and make it easier to read, understand, comply with, and enforce.

Jeffrey L. Frischkorn
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  1. While I like the conceal carry concept, #'s 2 and 3 are an issue for me and I hope that they don't pass. The reason that loaded is defined this way is because it is an extremely short process to load a magazine, and if it is within reach of the driver, it would only take a fraction of a second. Thus any magazine within the car is effectively the same as if it was loaded. And on point #3, do we really want to reduce or eliminate the need to re-qualify. Most people forget how to drive in the snow after a few months.... just sayin.