Friday, November 30, 2012

Chester Township boys develop web site for hunters/anglers

Dean and David Giarrizzo are working to merge the aged outdoors sports of hunting and fishing with the new wave of social media.

Dean, 23, and of Chester Township, and David, 25, formerly of Chester Township but now living in Nashville, have electronically built what they call their “tag-n-brag” web site.

This multipurpose site is designed as a two-way conduit so that hunters and anglers can exchange their outdoors adventures and questions with others, including those businesses that cater to hunting and fishing, says Dean.

“We launched the web site last December, but it’s taken us a while to develop it,” Dean said. “What we want is to be the ‘go-to’ place where sportsmen can get information, tips, weather reports as well as post photos and even videos of our contributors’ trophies and fishing/hunting trips.”

Vital, says Dean, is that from the very beginning the page and its links were not designed solely for those hunters who shoot a record-book white-tail anymore than it is for an angler to file a clip of a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

“We want to encourage everyone to know that every fish they catch and everything they shoot is cool and can be posted,” Dean said. “That’s why we built the web site the way we did.”

The pair also is cooking the idea of filing an electronic monthly e-newsletter, selecting an random a responding hunter or angler for an in-depth interview.

“That interview won’t be the person who shot the biggest buck or catch the biggest walleye, either,” Dean says. “We want to showcase the average sportsmen and involve whole families and kids, too.”

What’s more, says Dean also, is that everyone who submits a photograph for the web site is automatically entered into a contest for an $100 Bass Pro Shops’ gift card.

“That’s any photo,” Dean says. “We even have a handful of photos from guys who went on safari to Africa.”

Dean said also that he and his brother received a great deal of support and aid from their father and uncle, each of whom is a hunter and an angler in his own right.

“Our father and uncle got us out into the woods at an early age and that’s when we got hooked on hunting and fishing,” Dean said.

Capitalizing on the rapid acceleration of both electronic devices and the Internet’s social media portals, Dean and David have developed an “app” related to their website activities.

This app will be free to download onto various kinds of electronic gizmos, Dean says.

“Everybody is moving toward mobile (communications) though hunters and anglers are a little more slow about doing it,” Dean said. “But someday everyone is going to have a smartphone or similar device, and we want to begin building a huge audience.”

As for the bottom line, profit margin, Dean says it is the brothers’ goal to attract advertisers.

“If we can build on attracting hunters and fishermen then we should be able to attract advertisers,” Dean said.

Oh, and also launch an outdoors clothing line with the “tag-n-brag” monicker embellished on the garments.

“Hopefully that will happen in another month or two,” Dean said. “People that we’ve talked to like our ‘tag-n-brag’ name and title.”

Eventually the brothers want to move their project forward enough so that it will evolve to include an Internet-based outdoors show, Dean says.

“Yes, that’s what we’d like to do,” he said.

To view the Giarrizzo brothers’ Internet-launched web site, visit

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn
Twitter: @Fieldkorn

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