Sunday, May 19, 2013

How North Korea views U.S. private firearms ownership

Perhaps one of the best things regarding the Internet is access to the world's weird, the whacky and the outrageous.

A frequent pull-off for me on the information superhighway is a daily dose of the Drudge Report.

Often accused and blasted for its unashamedly conservative bent, the Drudge Report is a portal to other Internet sites not nearly so bolted on the right side of life.

Besides linking with the decidedly lefty Huffington Post, Drudge also provides a link with the Korean News, an official mouthpiece for the Korean Central News Agency of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Or North Korea for short.

Yep, the official news arm of the very same Hermit Nation that is run by a youthful and not-too-bright third-generation despot.

One of the Korean News' latest postings is its propagandist take on firearms ownership in the United States and how our country's gun culture will help bring the nation to ruin.

It is obvious that North Korea is benefitting from the rants of those Americans seeking to limit firearms ownership in this country, the former incorporating some of the ideas of the latter in a tirade against the private possession of guns.

But don't let the following get you angry. It's good for a chuckle if nothing more than for the organ's inability to even get the respective parties' names right, let alone the correct usage of the Constitution.

Anyway, here we go:
"KCNA on Gun-related Crimes and Future of US
"Pyongyang, May 17 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, there happened in Florida State a horrible gun-related crime at a time when the U.S. is at a loss what measures should be taken to bring gun-related crimes under control.
"A three-year child killed himself by firing a pistol he took from a bag of his uncle.
"The child was immediately taken to a hospital by his parents but he breathed his last.
"The child's death seems to foretell a tragic fate of the U.S., a hub of violence culture such as gun-related crimes.
"According to information released by the U.S. magazine Foreign Policy, gun-related violence leaves more than 30,000 people dead and over 200,000 wounded in the U.S. every year.
"This means that more than one person falls victim to this violence every two minutes.
"The U.S. administration claims to have taken steps to prevent it but their prospect remains gloomy.
On January 16, the U.S. president made public a proposal for gun control the keynote of which is to ban the use of assault weapons and make an inquiry into all buyers of guns, etc.

However, this proposal has, in fact, been put on the verge of becoming null and void due to the U.S. Gun Association which rakes up a huge amount of money through gun production and sale. It put pressure upon senators from ruling and opposition parties in the run-up to the 2014 mid-term election, showing off purses.
"In the final analysis, the proposal failed to reach U.S. Congress on April 17.
The bottom line of gun-related crimes rife in the U.S. is the law of the jungle and extreme misanthropy, the almighty dollar principle and individualism.
"Hundreds of millions of guns possessed by Americans are charged with misanthropy. Gun report sounded in every crime is reminiscent of a shout 'I can live only when I kill you' often heard from among Americans.
"The U.S.-style "freedom" and "democracy" reduced human beings to brutes and produced Article 2 of the revived Constitution which recognized the right to possession of guns, giving spurs to the sale of guns and horrible gun-related crimes.
"It is a matter of time that the whole of U.S. society will turn into a scene of gunfight.
"Owing to the corrupt ideology and culture prevalent throughout the society, U.S.-style capitalism is bound to meet self-destruction. This is the future of the U.S."

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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