Sunday, May 4, 2014

On-line Portal to Horton Crossbow parts

There is yet hope for owners of Horton crossbows looking for parts to repair their hunting gadgets.

The Internet site provides a uniquely e-access portal for a wealth of different products. Among them are components to repair most – or at least, many – Horton Crossbow products.

Since Horton Crossbows folded its tent after being bought out by TenPoint Crossbows, owners of the former have found themselves in a conundrum looking to repair their devices. Many times with little success.

Now there is a way by which Horton Crossbow owners may have access to obtaining the parts necessary to either repair their crossbows or else continue to use them as doorstops or paperweights.

That source is As the online provider's site says:

 “ is a comparative search engine that lets you easily find the best offers of over 60 million items from more than 4,500 online shops with just a single click.

“Not only do we help you find the exact product you are look for, whatever it may be – shoes and fashion,  household, gardening tools, automotive and electronic products – we also find the best possible price, saving you time and money. Of course, our service is completely free of charge.”

Note that when you reach the home page you will see a bar that says “Enter keyword.” It is here where you should type in “Horton Crossbows parts.”

You then can scroll through what is available, and the list includes a large selection of parts including limbs for some Horton crossbow models, cams, cam bearings, cables, strings and more. also has a Facebook page though I could find little more about the company.
J          Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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