Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ohio pro-gun group announces its 2014 general election endorsements

With the coming of September during a mid-term election cycle, also shepherd the endorsements from special interest groups.

And current State Representative John Rodgers is one of less than a handful of Ohio Democrats to pass muster with the pro-Second Amendment group, the Buckeye Firearms Association’s political action committee (BFA-PAC).

Rogers – the honorable gentleman from Mentor-on-the-Lake – represents Ohio House District 60.

In fact, Rogers is one of only five Democrat House candidates to receive the Buckeye Firearms Association endorsement. The other four endorsed House “D” candidates are Nick Barborak in Ohio House District 5, Heather Bischoff in Ohio District 20, Debbie Phillips in Ohio House District 94, and John Patterson in Ohio House District 99.

Rogers, Barborak, Bischoff, Phillips and Patterson are each ranked “A” by the Buckeye Firearms Association’s PAC.

Only about 64 of the state’s 99 Ohio House district contests also see an endorsement from the Buckeye Firearms Association’s PAC.

Also, the Buckeye Firearms Association only endorsed one Democrat running for the Ohio State Senate. That person would be Joe Schiavonia, who represents Ohio State District 33 and received an A-minus rating.

Likewise, the Buckeye Firearms Association did not endorse and Democrat running for any statewide office, among them being governor, attorney general and Ohio State Supreme Court.

The highest rating awarded by the group is A-plus. No Democrat and only a handful of Republicans earned that score. Among these so-awarded Republicans is incumbent Ohio Secretary of State, John Hustad.

Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) is the recipient of the PAC’s B-plus, by the way.

 Lest anyone think being a Republican means an automatic endorsement from the Buckeye Firearms Association’s PAC group, such a thought is erroneous.

Failure to respond to the firearms group’s survey meant an automatic endorsement rejection, for one thing.

In the words of the Buckeye Firearms Association as relates to its endorsement protocols and processes, this is a portion of the group’s statement. It is significant to note that Buckeye Firearms Association is a single issue entity; that being pro-Second Amendment, commonly called “gun rights:”


“Buckeye Firearms Association is nonpartisan. We do list a candidates’ party affiliation next to their name. Our only consideration is how a candidate measures up on Second Amendment related issues. While we understand that many people have preferences and party affiliation, we as an organization do not.

“Single issue

We are a ‘single issue’ PAC. We understand that many people have other issues that are important to them. We understand that. But just as it would not be right for a pro-life group to endorse on the basis of gay rights issues, it is not appropriate for us to consider anything but Second Amendment rights when issuing our grades and endorsements. We recommend you find other groups that grade candidates on those issues that are important to you. We pride ourselves on being exceptionally accurate on our single issue.”

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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