Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey, I resemble that remark (notes from a Right Winger)

It's bad enough that the main stream left-wing media all too often portrays gun owners as flannel-shirt-and-dirty-ball-cap-wearing troglodytes but to be lumped into the same category as extremists bent on mayhem goes too far.

Even for the Obama administration.

And yet the administration's Department of Homeland Security has done just that. In a recent report the bureaucrats and political appointees of this department have stated that the country needs to watch out for right-wing extremists.

And it then goes to link the recent surge in handgun and ammunition sales as reasons for the alarm, stating that folks like me who've bought firearms and ammo in recent weeks are somehow stockpiling up for some crazed civil war or something.

That's more than a reasonable stretch. It borders on saying that somehow everyone who visits a gun show or a firearms dealer is out to be a member of a white supremacist group.

Or - even worse - that veterans returning from the war in Iraq are going to join just such groups as well.

Fact is, Homeland Security has absolutely not one shred of evidence to back up its claims.

How insulting and revolting, but pretty typical for an administration that says one thing about firearms ownership and then proposes something else.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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  1. I'd recommend you actually read the Homeland Security memo instead of getting your information from Rush Limbaugh.

    The memo says nothing about gun owners - it talks specifically about those interested in violent extremism, which I'm pretty sure doesn't include you.

    Can I recommend you keep writing great posts about hunting and fishing and leave the right wing nuttery to Limbaugh and friends?