Friday, April 3, 2009

Pro basketball goin' green (or not)

A leading environmental groups has the NBA playing ball in trying to "go green."

The Natural Resources Defense Council has teamed with the NBA in developing a more environmentally friendly profile.

The leagues supplier of uniforms - Adidas - will outfit all players with 100-percent organic cotton shooting shirts, each featuring the NBA's green logo.

Organic cotton is more agriculturally/environmentally friendly and has a smaller "carbon footprint."

And the NBA will host an on-line auction of basketballs made from 40 percent recycled materials.

But those who question the emerging green ethic says the NBA's take is something of a sham.

Each NBA games produces about 449 tons of carbon dioxide due to many factors including team and fan travel, energy at arenas, that sort of thing, says the Carbon Neutral Company.

Add up all of the NBA's home and away games and its total carbon footprint is equal to more than 46,000 SUVs.

In a nut shell, says Advocacy Ink, the NBA "is like operating a coal-fired plant for about 2.5 months per year - most ungreen of it."

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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