Monday, October 26, 2009

Ohio big BUCK-eye (Air support needed)

Steve Esker of Reynoldsburg has quite a deer tale to tell, and it's all found on

While hunting Sept. 29 in Columbus proper, Esker used a crossbow to kill a 340-pound, 20-point monster white-tail buck that green scored at 216 6/8 points with a 26inch main beam.

Esker had seen the buck last year before and spent his time hunting the brute but didn't draw a bead on the animal. He continued to observe the animal with the aid of trail cameras throughout this summer, the deer growing in stature.

When Sept. 29 came, Esker saw the deer a piece off but headed his way. He shot the buck while it was about 20 yards away.

The buck ran off and Esker said he backed away, returning the next day to look for the deer. When he still couldn't find the downed deer Esker hired a helicopter to take him in the air. He spotted the buck within moments of taking off and in a place probably only about 10 yards from where he had walked.

The deer's two lungs were hit and the heart clipped.

Esker, his story and 20 photos are available for viewing on Field and Stream's web page and is well worth a look-see.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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