Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Ohio fishing law digest (Lots of red ink)

Pick up the new 2010-2011 Ohio fishing law digest and you'll see that the document is awash in red ink.

That's not to suggest that the document (which costs 5 cents to produce)is a money loser.

Nope, what the digest shows in red, bold type are the many changes to this year's fishing laws and programs. Among them is a red-colored notation that beginning this year, Fish Ohio applications will be accepted ONLY via the Internet, using the Ohio Division of Wildlife's Web site. Gone are the days when paper applications were accepted.

Other law digest highlights include a detailed section on inland site-specific regulations that relate to the keeping of crappies, both in terms of daily bag limits and minimum size limits.

Of chief interest is the red-printed information detailing that for Lake Erie walleye and yellow perch regulations, the daily bag limits for each won't be announced until May 1. Until then, the 2009 regulations will apply.

Lastly the digest's red-letter edition reminds anglers that beginning in 2011 the Wildlife Division will undertake its expansive (and expensive) Web-based license-issuing system.

It's a lot of ground to cover and anglers ought to obtain a copy just so they can familiarize themselves with the many changes to the fishing laws this season.

Oh, yes, don't forget; a new Ohio fishing license (and costing $19, not $24 as previsously stated. My bad.) is required beginning March 1.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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