Monday, February 1, 2010

That's a whopper deer (Record ment to be broken)

Southwest Ohio continues to demonstrate that it doesn't take a backseat to its southeast Ohio county counterparts when it comes to quality deer hunting.

This past Saturday an 18-point non-typical buck shot Nov. 30 with a muzzle-loader by Brian Stephens on private property in Highland County was officially scored.

Scoring is either a dark art or a black science - something that I doubt I'll ever understand. Even so, the rack was impressive and scored 232 5/8 by the Buckeye Big Bucks Club. This beat the previous non-typical buck ever taken in Ohio with a muzzle-loader. That rack scored 225 with the animal having been taken in 2004.

The left main beam of Stephens' deer measured 35 1/8 while the right beam measured 34 1/8 inches.

"Southwest Ohio has a reputation for producing world-class bucks not only in Ohio but the nation. That includes Adams, Highland, Warren, Brown, have been the producers of quality bucks. I think it's a combination of good habitat, good food sources and an environment that allows bucks to grow old. I also think that the good limestone-based soils help provide the right nutrients that allow for good antler growth," said Tom Cross, executive director for the Adams County Travel and Visitors Bureau.
"We've been on fire down here for some time now. We're just now getting the recognition."

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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