Monday, July 12, 2010

Asian carp get center stage with governor, attorney general

Gov. Ted Strickland is off and gone fishing today in the state's annual Fish Ohio Day, being held in Port Clinton. He's suppose to be joined by Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.

I'm disappointed that I could not go since I'm afraid a bumpy boat ride to the prime walleye fishing grounds are some 15 miles north of Port Clinton would serious damage my recent back surgery work.

In any event, when Strickland returns to the dock in a couple of hours he'll probably be addressing the assembled state wildlife officials and outdoors communicators.

Likely on the agenda would be comments by both elected officials regarding the invasive Asian carp. No doubt if they talk at all they'll refer to their joint call for a White House Asian Carp Emergency Summit for July 19.

Strickland and Cordray released a joint statement July 8 calling for just such a conference in order to "make plans to move forward with construction of a permanent physical barrier, with the expectation that construction will begin within 30 days of the Emergency Summit."

Both officials say that the current program of relying on an electrical barrier in a Chicago shipping channel is insufficient to contain the Asian carp from spreading into the Great Lakes. Such an infiltration would serious damage Ohio's Lake Erie tourism component, said to be worth $10 billion annually, the joint statement says.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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  1. Pretty big amount up there.
    So, were there any proposed or actions taken to be done to solve this?
    Luckily and Thank God we don't have a problem like that, and not having any problems as of now.