Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old and new as seen by F&S and OL (anglers and hunters know what I mean)

The current online versions of Outdoor Life Field & Steam magazines each have an interesting story.

In the current online edition of Outdoor Life is a list of the "50 Best Guns of All Time." Yeah, it's a subjective subject but it is fun to scroll through the photos and see what did (and did not) make the list.

Rightfully on the list are Remington's 870 pump and 1100 semi-auto shotguns along with the company's Remington Model 700 rifle. Worthy, too, is Browning's venerable A5 Auto and the 03 Springfield.

Alas, however, not posted is the still-fabulously made Ithaca Model 37 shotgun. For that matter no way would I list the Walther P38 over the Luger pistol.

And I'm not so sure listing so many new (often foreign-made) shotguns is such a hot idea. To qualify as "Best of All Time" a firearm ought to have a history of use.

See the entire group at

As for Field & Steam, it is listing some of the most note-worthy innovations announced at the recently held fishing industry iCast Show in Las Vegas.

Frankly, after looking at some of the postings I cannot but help say that for some of these items what was displayed in Vegas should stay in Vegas. It wouldn't surprise me if any number of these products make their way to the Cabela's Bargain Cave next fishing season.

Some of the oddities posted on the F&S web page include a snap-together fishing lure system so an angler can adapt it for surface fishing or deep-water cranking. Then there is the lure with (yep, really) SOLAR PANELS that are supposed to help give the hard bait extra action.

And someone else came out with a 16-inch plastic worm, designed for really, really large bass.

No thank you, though the F&S page does have more than a few products I found interesting along with one I've actually used.

It was good to see the posting's author had focused not only on the most expensive products but also for those with a limited budget. That would include a new anti-backlash bait-casting reel from Shakespeare.

And high praise was given to Pure Fishing for its new line of Gulp! products including its panfish-sized Gulp! crickets. I've been using this product for the past three months or so and can heartily recommend it to any bluegill-sunfish-crappie anglers.


- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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