Monday, February 7, 2011

2010 Fish Ohio/Master Angler pin program is snapping into place

The last of the Ohio Division of Wildlife single category Fish Ohio pins are - as the saying goes - in the mail.

Not too far behind will come the agency’s Master Angler award pins and certificates.

And though some anglers have received more than one “regular” Fish Ohio pin, the agency does everything possible to try and ensure that duplicates are avoided, says the Wildlife Division’s administrator in charge of the program.

“I do my best not to have duplicates and even look to see if there might be a name that’s missing a middle initial or has one where another application doesn’t but sometimes a person may get more than one pin,” said agency Fish Ohio administrator, Vicki Farus.

Farus said also she is presently in the process of formatting the data base to compile the complete list of Master Angler candidates and readying their respective certificates.

“Once that is done we’ll print out the certificates and mail them with the appropriate pin,” Farus said.

Such work should be completed shortly, Farus said as well.

From just a snapshot thumbnail look, it appears that the list of single Fish Ohio qualifiers is a little shorter than that of last year while the Master Angler list may end up a little longer, Farus says.

As for the agency’s Grand Slam program, that Fish Ohio segment’s three categories saw just “a handful” of submissions, Farus said.

“Only four, in fact, and all of those were for Lake Erie and none for the Ohio River or Inland,” Farus said. “I don’t know if many people even know about the Grand Slam program but I’m not aware of any plans to drop it.”

Information about all three Fish Ohio segments is available online at and than under the “fishing” section.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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