Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Lake County wildlife officer getting taste of the area

Jason Keller, recently installed as the state wildlife officer assigned to Lake County, is getting his baptism via the guidance of Tom Rowan.

Rowan, of course, is the long-time Ohio Division of Wildlife officer assigned to Lake County and a native of it as well. Rowan has switched Wildlife Division gears and is not the agency's law enforcement supervisor for Northeast Ohio.

For Keller, the 2 1/2 weeks he's spent thus far in Lake County have proven an eye-opener, he says.

Among the biggest surprises?

"All the trees. I thought it would be one city after another," Keller said over lunch today.

That sentiment is often displayed by newbees who've never experienced Lake County before. Now Keller is getting the Full Monte look at the county as Rowan pilots him around from one choice steelhead fishing spot to the next top deer-hunting location.

On tap is a get-acquainted meeting with the staff from Lake Metroparks and a deeper and more thorough look at Concord Township along with some other locations. Among them: The Kirtland-based Holden Arboretum.

As Roawn's experienced throughout his life and career, Lake County is far more diverse than many people appreciate with lots more outdoors opportunities being available than some may think.

Welcome aboard, Jason Keller. May your career be a long one and your tenure here in Lake County prove fruitful and enjoyable.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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