Friday, June 3, 2011

Anger, frustration being directed toward Division of Wildlife

A sense of pent-up frustration appears to have worked its way into the ranks of current and former employees of the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Part of this sense of futility stems from the still unresolved issue of the five felony-indicted current and former Wildlife Division officials.

“It is a total shame to me that no one is as outraged as I am about how the Division of Wildlife operates these days!” writes one individual with first-hand knowledge of the agency and who continues with “...What ever happened to ethics?...”

The individual then opines: “...Why are you not as outraged that this happened? Do you even realize the money that these Administrators are wasting? Have you even looked into the policies of the (Division) of Wildlife lately? Have you even tried to call an officer lately?... Millions and Millions of Federal and State dollars wasted!”

In a lengthy email the individual concludes with “...It is a sad state of affairs that these people are charged with handling millions and millions of dollars without any (oversight) on what is spent on. It is not a good time for the sportsmen and outdoorsmen of Ohio!

Furiously fed up with the current state of affairs!”

These are the kinds of internal issues and external views that the Wildlife Division’s new chief and director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources must tackle in order to help prevent the morale within the agency from unraveling any further. That, plus a lack of faith in the Wildlife Division on the part of its constituents.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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