Monday, June 6, 2011

Chagrin River anglers hold sway with Wildwood Perch-Fishing Contest

The results of the Wildwood Marina’s 10th Annual Battle of Lake Erie Perch Tournament proved that - for now at least - the best lace to fish for jumbo yellow perch is off the Chagrin River.

This event was held this past weekend with the headquarters being the Wildwood unit of Cleveland Lakefront State Park and its marina at that location.

In the adult division, the winner was Eastlake angler Roger Marin with a five-fish Chagrin River-area-caught total of 1,751 millimeters. He earned $230.

Second place also went a member of the Chagrin River Salmon Association as well. Ray Koeth’s 2nd Place catch measured 1,711 millimeters while 3rd Place belonged to Mike Flynn with a total catch measuring 1704 millimeters.

Forth Place went to Barry Butera with a catch measuring 1,693 millimeters and 5th.

The largest perch was caught by Marin and measured 375millimeters (14 3/4 inches).

In the Youth Division, 1st Place went to Derek Sinclair with a three-fish total measuring 928 millimeters; 2nd Place went to Sean Chojnowski with 758 millimeters; 3rd Place went to Robbie Gattarello with a catch of 596 millimeters; 4th Place was awarded to Barry Thompson with 386 millimeters; Fifth Place was won by Erik Duhigg with 381 millimeters; 6th Place went to Conrad Mace (no length given); 7th Place went to Luke Duhigg (no length given).

Sinclair also caught the longest perch in the youth category with a fish that measured 327 millimeters, or 12 7/8 inches.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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