Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bass fishing world up-ended

This summer is providing red hot news for the bass fishing world.

First came word that a professional bass angler from California was caught cheating in an important Western-based bass-fishing tournament. He was found to have placed lead weights into the bellies of several bass. The angler was subsequently banned for life from that circuit and may face criminal charges.

The latest word is that ESPN has sold off the Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society to none other than Jerry McInnis and two partners.

McKinnis once ruled the roost of outdoor television fishing show hosts and has proven to be a real crowd pleaser with his laid-back delivery. He also was a main host when ESPN would cover BASS-related tournaments such as the BASS Masters Classic.

It is great that BASS has been plucked by one of the sport's true gentlemen and someone who loves and cares about its future.

And finally, let it be noted that long-time bass boat-building competitors Ranger Boats and Triton Boats have merged into one company.

That's a whole lot bass fishing-related news to eat in one gulp. For more, visit

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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