Friday, August 20, 2010

Trophy vs. venison: On-going controversary

It's a question ripe with thorns and shouting but Outdoor Life Magazine's posted and current on-line story regarding the subject is a must read for all deer hunters.

It tells the tale in 40 short bites, each segment accompanied by a photograph.

The slide show is provocative but should be required viewing and reading.

For all the talk and television hunting shows I must say that I come down (and hard) on the side of venison vs. antlers. While I've shot three or four really nice bucks (including one that was only a tiny fraction away from making Ohio Big Bucks) most of my deer didn't - and even, couldn't - wear headgear.

My focus has always been on stocking the freezer first, the wall, second.

In fact, the owners of my first go-to archery deer-hunting spot in Lake County insist on me shooting antlerless deer. If I do shoot an antlered buck it must also have at least six points. In the five or six years that I've hunted the property I've killed (and shot at) only one allowable buck.

Doesn't bother me a bite, either.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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