Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ripped from the front pages (Odds and ends)

One of the best outdoors-related web sites is the Outdoor Pressroom. It collects a wide range of topics, gathered from various news sources.

Updated frequently, the Outdoor Pressroom features note only the important items but also the most interesting.

A recent sampling includes a story out of California where professional bass angler Mike Hart was caught cheating during a recent tournament on Lake Mead. It seems he had stuffed lead weights into several bass, giving him 10 ounces that he didn't deserve.

Hart was caught after a Nevada Division of Wildlife official found the weights following cleaning one of the angler's dead fish. The official was filleting the catch in order to donate the meat to a local homeless shelter.

The angler - who is estimated to have won $200,000 in fishing tournament winnings - was disqualified and banned for life from a Western-based bass fishing tournament circuit.

Criminal charges are also pending.

News from North Carolina's Citizen-Times newspaper says that of the 499 reported snake bites in that state last year, 228 came from copperheads. However, fully 30 percent of all snake bites were reported as being "dry," or when no venom was injected.

July and August see the greatest numbers of snake bites.

And out of Georgia comes news that Lake Lanier bass angler Russ McTindal had a nasty run-in with one very large and angry beaver.

While fishing from the bank, McTindal was severely bitten by a beaver estimated to weigh up to 40 pounds. The angler tried to use his fishing rode to beat off the critter but the animal put on the chomp anyway.

McTindal had to undergo rabies shots.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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