Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UPDATED WED May 18; New Wildlife Division chief picked; in-house dark horse

After considering several high profile candidates like acting Ohio Division of Wildlife chief Vicki Mountz and former State Rep. James McGregor, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has selected a largely dark horse in-house candidate as Wildlife’s permanent chief.

Picked is David B. Lane, 48, currently the acting district manager for the agency’s District One (central Ohio) Office in Columbus. He has held that position since Oct. 2009.

Lane is a West Virginia native and was hired by the Wildlife Division in 2002 as a wildlife officer in Fayette County.

Other Lane background data include being promoted to wildlife officer supervisor in 2005 and then as the agency’s acting district manager.

Prior to his working for the Wildlife Division, Lane spent 14 years with West Virginia-based Appalachian Timber Services, There, he served as vice president where he oversaw marketing and product development, sales training, and establishing budgets.

Also, Lane's brother, Eric, is the Wildlife Division officer assigned to Perry County.

“David’s career reflects a diverse background in conservation and business, as well as experience with law enforcement and proven leadership within the Division,” said David Mustine, the ODNR’s Director, in a prepared statement.

“He will be an asset helping the division fulfill its core mission as well as strengthening our internal and external partnerships to promote outdoor recreation opportunities and management of public lands.”

Doug Miller, manager of the Wildlife Division’s District Three (Northeast Ohio) Office in Akron, said he knows Lane and believes he’ll add much to the Wildlife Division.

Lane also will help "make a smooth transition” for the agency, Miller said.

“He’s great guy, has a super background and knows what the division is all about the importance of the sportsmen,” Miller said.

Larry Mitchell, executive director of the League of Ohio Sportsmen, said that the state's hunters, anglers, trappers and nature lovers all will find Lane “a delight to work with.”

“He’s a good man with solid wildlife management skills,” Mitchell said.

“It is also great that the Natural Resources Department continued to promote from within as a 50-year tradition; that is one reason why Ohio’s fish and wildlife management programs are nationally recognized.”

Mitchell said as well that he and his organization look forward to maintaining a good relationship with the Wildlife Division.

“He’s a stand-up guy,” Mitchell said.

More may come with updates possible.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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