Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ODNR blocks access to Tuesday's "Brown County Five" Blog item

A body can’t help but wonder just how paranoid is this Administration and its hand-picked crew over at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Yesterday - Tuesday - I filed an straight-up-and-down Outdoors Blog news item on the on-going legal issues involving the five current and retired Ohio Division of Wildlife officials who are under felony indictment by Brown County Prosecutor Jessica A. Little.

It’s not an opinion piece since I have none and refuse to express one until (even if then) the matter is finally resolved in the courts.

But you’d have thought I had touched an electrified third rail.

An agency official attempted to access the Blog site to read the story.

However, that person’s efforts were rewarded with an ODNR message that it was blocking access to the story. The ODNR block is directed specifically at my so-named "Brown County Five" matter blog item.

While this episode may be good for a chuckle, it also sends a chilling reminder that this is a team that appears willing to go to extremes to control its message. Whatever that message may be.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn


  1. "a straight-up-and-down" not "an straight-up-and-down"

  2. Your blog has been blocked by the ODNR web control software for a few months. This was not a response to your recent article- none of your posts are accesible.