Friday, May 13, 2011

No Wildlife Division chief named today; new Pymatuning cabins

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources appears poised to announce the naming of the new chief of the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

However, its announcement won't come today (Friday).

That's the word from the department's chief media relations officer, Laura Jones.

Asked if that means the Natural Resources Department will name the chief on Monday, Jones said only that it won't be today (Friday).

In other Natural Resources Department matters, Pymatuning State Park officials have demolished three of the park's 59 cabins.

But these demolished cabins will be replaced with two handicapped-accessible cottages, says the park's manager, Phil Vichosky.

"Right now none of our cabins are accessible to the handicapped," Vichosky said. "The new cottages will be available to the handicapped, be modern and well equipped. There's been a great demand for these kinds of units."

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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  1. Oh NOOO! For one week in July, for nearly 40 years, my family (me, my husband and 5 kids, then we even added grandkids as well as assorted guests) spent glorious, memorable family vacations in Cabin 57! We thought of that cabin as our summer home :)

    One of my sons went up to Pymatuning over this past weekend and found the cabin missing! Everyone agrees that ODNR was remiss in getting my permission to knock that cabin down! Hey, I practically had a time share on that beautiful summer place.

    Good bye Cabin 57. Yee shall be missed but the great times we spent there will never, ever be forgotten. The memories and the hundreds of photos we have of you will keep you alive forever. :)