Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NRA stands up to U.N. on small arms issue

The National Rifle Association is not keen on United Nation's pale blue when it comes to small arms prohibitions.

Scolding the U.N., the Nra contends that the "latest attempt by the U.N. and global gun banners to eliminate Second Amendment freedoms is to include civilian arms in the current Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which will be finalized next year."

In order for any treaty to take effect, however, it must be ratified by two-thirds of the U.S. Senate, the NRA says.

To ensure that any ATT that includes civilian arms is "dead on arrival in the Senate", the NRA has been working to get as many U.S. Senators as possible to publicly oppose any ATT that includes restrictions on civilian arms.

To date, 50 members of the U.S. Senate have signed letters to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton saying they will oppose any ATT that includes civilian firearms ownership.

These strongly worded letters caution the President and Secretary of State to uphold the Constitution of the United States. As Senator Jerry Moran's letter warns, “(A)s the treaty process continues, we strongly encourage your administration to uphold our constitutional protections of civilian firearms ownership. These freedoms are non-negotiable, and we will oppose ratification of an Arms Trade Treaty presented to the Senate that in any way restricts the rights of law-abiding U.S. citizens to manufacture, assemble, possess, transfer or purchase firearms, ammunition and related items.”

Thanking the NRA for its long-standing work on this issue, Senator Moran also remarked, "I appreciate the NRA's partnership on this important effort to defend the rights of American gun owners. I want to thank them for their active support in sending a strong message to the Obama Administration that our firearm freedoms are not negotiable."

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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