Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Willoughby father-son hope to repeat tough Lake Michigan sailing victory

Joe and William Palmer are attempting their third consecutive win in the Cruising Division of the 103rd Chicago to Mackinac Island 335 Mile Sailboat Race to be held this weekend on Lake Michigan.

The father-son team began their winning streak in 2009.

They sail on a Tartan 3700, designed and made in Fairport Harbor.

The boat is called the “Intangible” and which is berthed in Chicago Illinois.
Its owner is Tom Falck, Hinesdale, Illinois.

There will be four other crew members, including Joe Palmer’s brother, John, of Libertyville, Illinois.

“Last year we finished in 54 ours and the year before that in 67 hours,” says Joe Palmer. “There has not been a consecutive three time winner since 1910 so the chance are very slim but the boat is ready, the crew is ready, all we need is lots of luck and fair winds.”

Palmer said this is his fifth run with this course and his son’s third.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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