Friday, January 11, 2013

Ohio's Sen. Brown shares his views on proposals to further restrict semi-automatic firearms

With the debate over firearms accelerating as the Obama weighs what additional restrictions on the manufacture, selling and ownership of such products, I wrote to both of Ohio's U.S. senators, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown.
Senator Portman's response was previously posted here and this is Sen. Brown's reply to my position as it relates to the posibility of further restrictions on various forms of semi-automatic firearms.
"Thank you for expressing your opposition to the Assault Weapons Ban. 
"From 1994 to 2004, Congress enacted a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons.
"The bill had three main components. The first section was comprised of a list guns that were banned by name, such as Uzi’s.
"The second section outlawed the future manufacture and sale of any new semiautomatic weapon with a detachable magazine and more than two of several assault-style features.
"The third section was an appendix which listed hunting rifles and shotguns that didn’t run afoul of the second section, and thus were exempted from the bill.
"In 2011, law enforcement leaders such as Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Back, Oklahoma Police Chief Bill Citty, and Brockton, Massachusetts, Police Captain Emanuel Gomes, all separately discussed how their officers were being outgunned with assault weapons possessed by criminals.
"While I have supported restrictions on the possession of semi-automatic assault weapons, and restrictions on the ability of criminals to possess handguns, I do not support an outright ban on guns or arbitrary restrictions on the right of law-abiding citizens to possess guns.
"When our children and families are no longer safe at our schools, in our malls, and in our movie theaters, then we as a country must take action.
"The shocking numbers of public shootings throughout the country last year, culminating in Newtown, Connecticut, demand that we engage in a serious national discussion about gun violence, not just in terms of weapons and bullets, but also including mental health access, public safety officers, and our responsibility both as individuals and a society.
"This is a complex issue and we must work together to uphold our Constitution while at the same time ensuring that our communities are safe.
"We can and must act to make such tragedies less likely in the future
"Should any legislation concerning a reintroduction of the Assault Weapons Ban come before the Senate, I will keep your thoughts in mind.
"Thank you again for contacting me.
                         "Sherrod Brown
                         "United States Senator"
- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn
Twitter: @Fieldkorn

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