Monday, February 9, 2009

Go fish (almost)

Well, the ice fishing rods and Pinmin ice jigs are put away and I am ready to head up to the lower Niagara River for a crack at its steelhead trout on Tuesday. I'll post something when I get back Wednesday.

As for around here, with the ice melting and being pushed out, the trout fishing isn't far behind.

I'm going to look at the small creeks first: Kellogg and Arcola. The latter should produce trout at its mouth with minnows the top pick while spawn sacks also might work.

I'm really eager to get started with the fly rod and a bunch of flies I tied up over the past few weeks though I'll probably start with a steelhead rod and spawn sacks.

What I'll miss is the ice fishing, which picked up only at the last minute. On Friday I fished with my older brother, Rich, and fishing friend Paul Liikala of Cuyahoga Falls.

It took us an hour and about a dozen drilled holes before we located a school of hungry bluegills but find them we did. By days' end we caught between 30 and 40 sunfish measuring up to 9 1/2 inches.

Now I can't wait for the streams to settle back.

And maybe I'll be able to get in a rabbit hunt or a preserve bird hunt before all is said and done, too.

Can't forget to fire up our backyard sugar bush and make some more syrup, either.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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