Sunday, February 1, 2009

What gun show loophole?

Yesterday - Saturday - was a traffic nightmare.

No, not with busy mall shoppers. Rather, from anxious and troubled gun owners who fear the Barrack Obama administration.

My two older brothers (Terry and Rich) and I traveled the 50 miles to the Summit County Fairgrounds. And shared the space with thousands of other firearms enthusiasts.

It took us 15 minutes just for my SUV to creep up the fairground driveway to the snow-covered parking lot. It was that busy.

We each paid our $6 admission fee. Once inside, we cruised the many aisles that were lined with scores of gun sellers; some licensed dealers and others being individuals looking to add or subtract from their personnel collections.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

I carried a no-longer-needed Remington Model 760 pump-action deer hunting rifle. I wanted some cash with the money earmarked for another shooting piece that I hoped would see more service.

The gun was sold after some bartering and dickering with one of the exhibitors. No record keeping was done.

Just as it is with any other private person transaction. Much to the concern of anti-Second Amendment advocates who hate all things "guns."

They want to see that all firearms transactions between any gun show visitor/exhibitor include the paper trail and background check demanded of licensed dealers.

Yet federal statistics (compiled within the U.S. Department of Justice) shows that fewer than 1 percent of all firearms used in crimes are bought at such gun shows.

Interesting, too, 57 percent of all crime guns are sold by just 1 percent of licensed dealerships.

Hardly the stuff from anti-gun advocates who grind their teeth over gun show operations.

That gun shows with their often large displays of firearms of all kinds - including a neat little .380-caliber concealed carry semi-auto I admired - are cesspools of illegal firearms transactions simply is not true.

It ain't happening. But those whose view firearms as evil simply cannot see the truth even when statistics show otherwise.

They hate all guns and gun shows are massive displays of the instruments they hate the most.

But it is this fear that is seeing a monstrous response to firearms sales in general and those at gun shows in particular. Buyers are swooping up guns of all kinds, especially handguns and semi-automatic rifles of the kind that the Barrack Obama administration wants to see outlawed.

It is definitely a seller's market with prices for both firearms and ammunition going up, up and sometimes, away. This panic buying shouldn't be, though the fear is there that before long gun shows will be a history lesson.

Truth is, gun shows assist those of us who believe in self-help and the Second Amendment by providing a one-stop-shopping venue where we can look and select from thousands of firearms.

All without Big Brother breathing unnecessarily down our necks.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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