Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's what hunters & anglers want

The survey group of Southwick Associates gleaned a mess of results from contacting 24,206 hunters and shooters as well as 22,486 anglers.
From these surveys Southwick found what was the most popular hunting and shooting brands for 2008 as well as the same for fishing tackle.

Among the top shooting/ hunting brands were: top rifle brand was Remington (18.1% of all purchases), the top shotgun brand was Mossberg (29.9%), top muzzle-loading brand was CVA (18.4%), top handgun brand was Smith & Wesson (18.4%), top rifle ammunition brand was Remington (29.9%), top shotgun ammunition brand was Winchester (35.7%), top handgun ammunition brand was Winchester (26.1%), top scope brand for rifles was BSA (16.1%), top arrow brand was Easton (40.5%), top bow brand was BowTech (22%), top game call brand was Primos (35.9%), top reloading bullet brand was Hornady (23%), top binocular brand was Bushnell (29.4%), top knife brand was Buck (19.8%).

Among the top angling brands are: top rod brand was Shakespheare Ugly Stik (14.3% of all purchases), top reel brand was Shimano (21.9%), top rod & reel brand was Shakespeare (24.9%), Top fly rod brand was Sage (10.8%), Top fishing line brand was Berkley (35.8%), top hardbait brand was Rapala (21.7%), top soft bait brand was Zoom (17.9%), top spinnerbait brand was Strike King (22.4%), top fly line brand was Scientific Angler (23.4%), top fly brand was Orvis (9.8%), top tackle box brand was Plano (44.9%), top fishing knife brand was rapala (33.3%), top GPS oe radio brand was Lowrance (40.9%).

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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