Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trees and stuff for wildlife

If you want to help wildlife and dress up your property, then look no further than the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The agency once again is sponsoring its annual tree seedling sale.

Various packages of seedlings are available. Among them are white pine, blue spruce and redbuds.

Packets also include a backyard wildlife packet which will provide food and shelter for small critters and birds as well as a stream and pond packet with plant species that love a yard's wet spot or else along a stream bank.

Returning for sale is the American chestnut hybrid, which is blight resistant and whose fruit can be eaten by both humans and wildlife. This special package quickly sold out last year.

New to the program is a backyard dessert starter kit that consists of blueberries, blackberries and Nanking cherries. All produce eatable fruit.

Also new is a program to buy grape vines for home use or else to donate them to one of the area's vineyards. Two varieties of wine grapes are available.

Orders will be receieved through Feb. 23rd.

To order, call the district at (440) 350-2730 or visit the agency's web site at and then click on to tree sale link.

Delivery will be April 17 and 18.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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  1. I lived in four homes in Ohio and in each, I planted trees from soil and water conservation districts. When I drive by these former properties of mine, I find the trees healthy and environmentally helpful. Great service to the communities.