Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ammo relief (and not a hunting season too soon)

It would appear that a cooling-off period for ammunition as well as firearms availability is at hand.

I visited Gander Mountain's Mentor store this afternoon and saw (finally) shelves well stocked not only with .22-caliber ammunition, but that also for rifles, shotguns and (especially) handguns.

This lack of stock is in sharp contrast to just a few months ago when panic buying flooded gun shops with frightened gun owners who stockpiled up on all kinds of ammunition, sending makers into over-drive in an effort to catch up.

It appears that they have with all but the highly popular .380 Auto line and which continues to remain in very short supply. If you have a .380 Auto, best keep at least one magazine of the fodder available as no one knows when this popular caliber will see good ammunition supplies.

About the only thing that remains the same is the high price for the ammunition.

Also, the firearms industry says the huge demand for handguns and certain other firearms has lessened as well.

All of which is great news for shooters and hunters as Ohio and the surrounding states move into the various hunting seasons.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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