Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On getting ready (Hunting's starting gun)

The past several days have been spent doing what is necessary in order to do what is fun. That being, getting the goose blind's camo material hooked up to the frame, putting on new anchor line to the decoys, and checking with the landowner to see if any geese have been passing overhead.

It hasn't stopped there. Oh, no, not by a long shot. Saturday afternoon saw my wife, Bev, and me setting up the new electronic game feeder. Much better and much easier to program and erect than the old Game Country feeder the new model will (hopefully) begin pulling in deer before the archery season starts Sept. 26.

This new model can hold up to 200 pounds of shelled corn, has a funnel-shaped cone mouth, with a pre-set electronic timer that runs twice daily, dispensing 1 pound per each six-second run. Simply marvelous. I'm not suppose to have to feed the feeder with corn except once every two months. Hope that is the case and hope the animal guard will keep the turkeys from stealing corn from off the rotor.

And I checked the battery packs of my Mojo motion dove decoys for the Sept. 1 opener of the dove season along with making sure my field box had at least four boxes of shotshells. Oh, and I filled my goose hunting box with ammo and goose calls, too.

Fishing hasn't been left out. At lunch I checked on the charge for my trolling motor battery. I'm going to "guide" Lake County Captains' skipper Aaron Holbert for a day of farm pond fishing on Wednesday. That is, before the expected rains arrive.

And I'm hoping to get out and do some sighting-in shooting with my slug shotgun and also see where by new .45-auto is shooting.

Don't you just love autumn?

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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