Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disabled vets seeing long delay in getting free hunting/fishing licenses

In the Department of Unattended Consequences, Ohio's disabled veterans who qualify for free hunting and fishing licenses are seeing long delays in being issued the documents.

These licenses are be addressed by the state's new license-issuing system; a system that has created long lines at some issuing agent establishments while other agents are unable to sell any documents until April 1.

Now the state's disabled vets have likewise been trapped by the problem-prone program.

Here is the official note as provided by the administrator in charge of the Ohio Division of Wildlife's program, Korey Brown:

"Many of you are receiving inquiries from Disabled Veterans who submitted applications for free licenses but have not yet received anything. Please be advised that each application must first be approved by the Veterans Administration before the Division of Wildlife can process it"

"The V.A. is processing hundreds of applications per day and forwarding them to the Division of Wildlife. Within the last 10-14 days, the Division of Wildlife has received more than 1,000 applications from the V.A. – applications that customers submitted to the V.A. back in December and January. As logic would follow, the Division of Wildlife is now backlogged, and the Division of Wildlife is receiving a large volume of calls from concerned customers."

"We’re doing the best we can approve applications as quickly as possible."

In short, the Wildlife Division's good is not good enough. The agency has had several years and has spent $16 million to work out these kinds of bugs beforehand.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn


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