Monday, March 28, 2011

Stream flows falling, clearing: hopefully good for steelheading

For the steelhead fishing souls willing to brave the unseasonably cold temperatures at least the streams are getting into good shape.

The flow rates for the Chagrin and Grand rivers as well as Conneaut Creek all have fallen beneath their long-term median average.

Even so, reports are that these Lake Erie tributaries continue to show stained water with visibilities of about one foot on the Chagrin and only inches on the Grand. Conneaut's clarity is not known but should be better than either of the two other streams.

A look at the near real-time flow of the Chagrin River shows that this stream is holding steady and 288 cubic feet per second with the day's median set at 426 cfs. Here, clarity is no more than one foot and hasn't changed much over the past few days.

On the Grand River the flow is 430 cfs with a median of 1,070. Again, clarity is poor to only fair but is likely to improve by Thursday, give or take one day.

Over on Conneaut Creek the stream has fallen to 194 cfs with a median of 298 cfs. Here, the stream is LIKELY the most clear and may fall below good fishing conditions toward the week's end as little precipitation is being forecasted for this week.

As far as weather is concerned, temperatures will remain well below the seasonable average. Typically this time of year the day's high temperature is around 50 degree though the forecast calls for the highs over the next few days only in the mid-30s with maybe a day or two in the upper 30s.

Lows will actually fall into the mid- to -upper teens. These temperatures will delay the daily run of steelhead up the creeks until the afternoon when water temperatures make a brief spike.

Air temperatures will begin to approach normalcy beginning Sunday though the chance for precipitation will increase as well.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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