Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slim pickings for area hunting/fishing license outlets

A disappointed potential angler strolled out of D&W Bait and Tackle in Painesville an hour or so ago.

It wasn't that the new owner of the bait and tackle establishment wanted to displease the potential fishing license buyer. The owner was just unable to fulfill the request to sell an annual fishing license to the gentlemen.

It seems the Ohio Division of Wildlife has instructed new license issuing agents that they cannot begin selling documents until April 1 - several weeks after the established run of steelhead trout in area creeks and after the walleye bite typically begins at Pymatuning and the crappie start biting in the Mentor Lagoons.

What's more the owner has the equipment just not the Wildlife Division's A-OK, much to the annoyance of the businessman who said he's had to turn away at leats 100 potential license buyers.

And on Monday when I visited Gander Mountain's Mentor store, once again a hold-up ensued as a clerk went through the lengthy process of issuing a license while other customers were left shifting their weight from one foot to the next, holding their prospective purchases as the document's information was taken and then the whole spat out.

The Wildlife Division's new issuing system may have advantages but good, fast, customer-friendly service is not one of them.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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