Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sandhill cranes are returning to Geauga County

They’re back. At least one of the sandhill cranes that was living in Geauga County has return, flying there March 5.

This crane was fitted with a satellite transmitter. Another similarly outfitted crane had seen its transmitter fail, likely due to predation, a state wildlife biologist says.

Yet to be determined is if any of the other known cranes have returned to the Burton Township location. That job will be performed next week via a fly over by an Ohio Division of Wildlife aircraft.

“We’ll see if the juvenile that was fitted with a transmitter has returned as well. This particular transmitter is a VHF-only unit and we have to be within one mile to have it register,” said Dave Sherman, Ohio Division of Wildlife biologist.

Sherman said the state will again attempt to live trap cranes though none are scheduled for Northeast Ohio.

“We have radios on three of them over there so we want to expand the project to other locations in Ohio,” Sherman said.

- Jeffrey L. Frischkorn

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